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Monday, 10 February 2014

Peeping tom

Peeping Tom

Budget- 135k

Denotation- This is a serif this is uncommon in slasher films. It is swirly and coloured yellow and blue this shows that it is quite old by the fonts used and the times new roman at the bottom.It was designed like this to introduce the characters in a calm way this does not show that this would be a slasher film in anyway. This could be purposely so the film is very unexpected as it is an old film this could of been not very popular at the time.This is a binary opposite to what we expect the opening titles to be for a slasher film . such as a black background and san serif font that really stands out and signifies drama .

This signifier suggests he is looking at something not directly at the camera but something past it.This signifies there is something there.
Connotation-we interpret this to be something past the camera which is around the corner which we should be looking at and wanting to know what it is . it is unusual however to introduce the killer this soon.This gives little anchorage as we do not 
know what he is looking at or the point of why he is looking at this. Communication test-we do not see his face we just see his eye . i think the producers have rejected the rest of his face to draw the emotion to his eye and to not show his full features as this is more powerful and is an extreme close up. As an eye can show so many emotions.This also creates narrative enigma.

this is oppositional reading as we block out what we don't see in the text in this case we would not realise unless you have knowledge of the era that this is a prostitute .

this signifies that the lady could be a prostitute due to her been stood on the street and then by the clothes she is wearing. She is also wearing an ankle chain and net tights , in this era this signifies she is a prostitute as they use to wear them to say they were a lady of the street.

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