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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

My favourite slasher

My Favourite slasher film is scream. This is my favourite slasher because it is very gripping and actually scary. I also like it because it fits the theories and stereotypes.Scream re-invented the horror slasher sub-genre when it was on its knees, all but dead in the mid 90s. Horror director Wes Craven brings screen writer Kevin Williamsons clever and also comedic script to life brilliantly. From the now classic opening scene featuring Drew Barrymore, you're guaranteed to be hooked. 
The basic plot is pretty simple. A killer is taking the lives of likeable student Sidney Prescott's friends, with the inevitable final showdown with her a shoe-in, but just who wants her blood and that of her chums so badly. 
I'm confident you'll be intrigued to find out! The cast are excellent, with all the leads exceptional, and some cameos from several stars of horror from over the years, such as Linda Blair, and even Wes Craven himself! 
The region 2 dvd features several good extra features. Behind the scenes info, interviews, trailers, trivia. Which add to the enjoyment and value of buying this dvd. An influential, mid 90s, self referential horror-comedy that gets the balance of both near perfect, is great fun and still holds up well today.

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