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Friday, 28 February 2014

Misc Slashers

slashers (2001)
budget: 165k very low budget never got a cinematic release as there was no box office

no opening idents and credits shown at beggining.

urban legend (  jamie blanks 1998)
budget : 14m
box office 1.1m in uk
opening ident 'pheonix pictures'
2.21 opening titles then a killing then more titles at 8 minitues this is a typical example of a film as ait starts the same as others with an establishing shot

scary movie 2000 wayans
19m budget
157m box office

dimension films -ident

mad house william butler 2004

opening shot no credits
lions gate film presents in white writing on black background stands out the writing is animated thi is the disributor another company name then follows credits run ingle and introduce the characters with the picture
directed by william butler

Black Christmas ( 1974 BOB clarke)

cry wolf jeff waldow 2005
rogue pictures present serif font used
panning as the titles appear
hypnotic pictures
the title cry wolf is a serif font and is traditional type writing font used shows the period of time set the text also looks like its been decayed and makes it look gothic

donkey punch oliver blackburn 2008

idents uk film council we see idents for each distributor
in association with screen yorkshire
warp x production

dressed to kill brian de palma 1980

all the boys love mandy lane ( jonathan levine 2006 )

no music or audio there is one title
the opening title is scary as there is blood dripping

april fools day fred walton 1986

paramount ident
a home town films production
3.15 in non digetic music there is opening titles the colour is yellow which signifies comedy
5.06 credits fnished

babysitter wanted jonas barnes and michael manaserii 2008

the independent film company
baby sitter wanted the white writing against black backdround there are red splatters to show blood shows could be a horror

5ive girls lauren sonoda 2006
colours are bright that stand out  archeetype films , paramount films  credits appear after 5 mns in
graphic visual behind titles
5.57 credits end

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