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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Micro Drama

This first thing we noticed when transferring our footage onto the camera was that one shot was missing. At first we thought this would be a major problem and we would have to arrange for a re shoot, but when we had edited the rest of the footage we saw that it actually created narrative enigma and probably improved the drama by doing so.

For editing we split the group into two so that everyone had input and there would also be two totally different versions of the micro drama to compare and see where we could have made improvements. On the group I was in's version we decided to make the footage look more like night time. By doing this it did have a slight purple tone to it but we still thought it looked more effective and slightly more scarier. The other group thought it looked too purple though and kept the natural daylight.

We also struggled to put writing on at the beginning of the drama at the part that was meant to look like a live news report. Due to the time we had to edit we didn't look up on youtube or the internet how to do this. We should of done because it would have made a big difference and improved our drama. But, the more we have been working with final cut pro the easier it is starting to be and I am really getting the hang of how it works.

In the shoot we went to the river at about 3 pm we did not realise how busy it would be so it took longer than we thought to film as it was busy . we put the tape up we got and filmed the first scene talking about what shot type we should use to set the scene and to make sure we got no un wanted extras in back ground. We followed the story board to make sure we got in right order . We did this until we got it right doing different scenes we then did several other scenes and made them which wasnt necessarily in the right order we just wanted to try get different shots such as panning in and point of view shot. However doing this we faced problems such as the camera running out of battery
    But it was okay as we good use an iPhone 4s which was just as good and filmed in was also very windy which did not help so we expect there to some interference .
   over all i think we could have had some scenes and had done some retakes but we got the different shots and used techniques such as a false scare like in slasher films. I also think next time we need to take into consideration the weather and setting again although our idea was good afew aspects let us down.

The class split up into 2 groups Boys and Girls in my Group was 'Poppy , Hannah , Kate and Millie we had to come up with a micro drama focusing on slasher genre as this what our next project will be on.

First we decided to brain storm ideas together of what this could be about we discussed setting , plot ,characters. We then went back into the class to pitch our ideas to the class and chose one from our group. we chose Kates as it was most popular and good and we could develop it. After we chose the idea we got a story board sheet where scene by scene and shot by shot we went through and chose possible scenarios.We then decided on when to shoot and where we decide late day and ilkley park as this could be good to build narrative enigma . We planned several scenarios that could be the outcome as we could not decide which way round to do it . It was easy plan and very agreeable as we worked well together and each presented there own ideas.
     when doing the story board we had to choose the most suitable places of the park to shoot we chose by the river and under the bridge as this could be scary. we then planned date and time to make this film it was hard as it was light when we filmed this but hopefully when editing is done it will look like it is dark. We also planned our props we needed and any other equipment e.g. tape for the news report scene which we planned in advance to get. We also needed to work out which character was who which we did easily we all decided to take it in turns to film as well which was good.

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