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Friday, 5 July 2013

Assessing past work

Tiny Terror:

Initial titles based upon those used for 'Scream' (1996) Wes Craven.

Soundtrack includes long, drawn out notes that are commonly used in slasher films. Opening shots have connotations of a POV shot as the camera is positioned looking through hanging branches. A slight wobble further suggests that someone is watching the main character. This then leads into a false scare, as the POV character turns out to be known to the main character.

An ellipses acts as a bridge between the outdoor scene and the bedroom, fading to black in the space between. There is some use of exposition in dialogue. Short shots of a box opening very gently and a bra later being tossed over it to suggest sexual activity.

An example of a good technique used is to place the camera in a cupboard or other space that can help break up shots and provide more coverage. Tension isn't quite used effectively here, due to a couple of misplaced ellipses.

More over the shoulder shots are used to show the killer doll, as well as several cut away shots and use of the doll's giggling, established in an earlier scene.


After first shot, titles come in using white font on black background, signifying realism. First character introduced is carrying a bottle of beer in his hand, immediately suggesting his vulnerability. A brief POV shot helps to confirm his drunken state, and afterwards a shot from just off the path suggests another figure watching.

The following scene in which the character collapses is not as effective, as it lacks any diagetic sound which would connote an attack. There is a much more successful example of narrative enigma straight away though, as we only see the figure dragging the first character away from the legs down, and we have nothing to anchor ourselves with.

The scenes set in the underground room are introduced with a shot that suggests a CCTV camera, before we see multiple shots of the character chained to a pipe.

Red Run:

Opening titles are animated and matched to a sequence of a kettle being filled and turned on. There is a lack of diagetic sound that is a problem; it breaks the verisimilatude.

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