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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Deception - looking at AS films

I have looked at previous films done by as AS as i think this will be effective to see what worked well and what didnt. This will be useful in mine because i can then use in mine what is effective and what doesnt work i can then cancel these out.
  • The strongest feature was the opening the music and setting work well together it creates tension and makes it jumpy 
  • The weakest feature was the camera the camera was very shaky and angle shots are abit confusing  you can also see the shadow of the person in the camera
  • rate minimal they need to hold shot steady
  • effective shots were the 2 shot which shows the relationship and medium shots the panning left to right and the point of view shot from behind the tree and the moving point of view shot running
  • the editing transitions were good and flowed smoothly 
  • the sound created an audio bridge which linked scenes together

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