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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Vodcast - franchise

This franchise is of the slasher genre and focuses on the different screams produced. The key directors for this franchise were wez craven . this means a lot of intertexuality as they all each reference to the next scream. The final girl Neve Campbell has also stared in each of these films this has also made it successful and created intertextuality throughout.
Budgets for each of these films were:
Scream - $15m
Scream 2 - $23m
Scream 3 - $40m
Scream 4 - $40m
The distributors for each of these films were the same this is good as they did it in the same way and style . dimension film is also a common distributor for slasher films and would make scream so sucssesful with it also been a franchise.

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