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Thursday, 18 July 2013

My possible Distributors

Top 10 Film distributors in the US from 1995 to 2012

1 Warner Bros. 532 movies  $29,135,050,869 $54,765,133 average gross 

2 Walt Disney Pictures 453 movies $27,024,974,288 $59,657,780 average gross
3 Sony Pictures 534 movies  $24,744,320,642 $46,337,679 average gross
4 Paramount Pictures352movies $22,915,131,099 $65,099,804 average gross
5 20th Century Fox 364 movies $21,288,127,358 $58,483,866 average gross
6 Universal 338 movies$19,832,959,028, $58,677,394 average gross
7 New Line 196 movies $7,407,184,271 ,$37,791,756 average gross
8 Dreamworks SKG 77 movies $5,988,394,230 $77,771,354 average gross
9 Miramax 377 movies $5,621,593,306 $14,911,388 average gross
10 MGM 229 movies $5,059,893,917 $22,095,607 average gross


Top 10 distributors in uk for 2012
1. Sony: $336.4m (£209.9m) 17.9%

2. 20th Century Fox: $306.5m (£191.2m) 16.3%

3. Warner Bros: $235.5m (£147m) 12.5%

4. Universal: $219.3m (£136.8m) 11%

5. Walt Disney: $197.4m (£123.2m) 10.5%

6. eOne: $129.5m (£80.8m) 6.9%

7. Paramount: $125.8m (£78.5m) 6.7%

8. Lionsgate: $109.3m (£68.2m) 5.8%

9. Momentum: $82.1m (£51.2m) 4.3%

10. Entertainment Film Distributors: $59m (£36.8m) 3.1%

Overall, the UK box office grossed £1.172b in 2012, narrowly ahead of 2011’s £1.130b total.

Unfortunatley as my film is a low budget film it will not reach these high budget companies.

Donkey punch: distributors were optimum releasing and Film1

As my film is an indie film it will not reach these high expectations for distributors i will be focusing on distributors such as:

Dimension films slasher Production.

Warp productions is a indie company

Dimension films are a well known production / distributors for slasher films. They could be a possible distributor for me as they are a low budget company and a slasher company and my production is a slasher film.

This is warp productions they are a low indie company and started from nothing like i have. It is very important that i have looked at this for a possible distributor because they are an indie company which like wise i am. 

Film 4 well known indie distributor

this is film 4 distributor they are very well known for distributing low budget films they have worked closely also with warp productions.I have looked at them as they help fund indie films such as warp films and many others.

National Lottery
the final distributor i have looked at to be a possible distributor for my production is the national lottery . They help fund some films. They work along side some of the other distributors i have looked at like film 4 and and warp productions . You often see this ident on low budget films this shows they have had help from uk council . It is often possible to have more than one distributors on smaller indie companies this is the main reason i have looked at these.

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