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Friday, 19 July 2013

The Big 6

A company owned by another company is called a subsidiary such as working title is owned by nbc universal.
A company that owns another company is calleded a conglomerate such as nbc owning universal.
Which means that working title is the subsidiary and working title is the conglomerate.

The big 6 are the big dominant fim companies in hollywood which also dominate the global cinema.

There are 2 types of intergration

1. Horizontal Intergration is when different subsidiaries benifit each other within one conglomerate such as Avatar is produced by Rupert Murdoch who owns 20th century fox and the sun this was benificial as subsidiaries got access and
2. Vertical Intergration is when one conglomerate is in charge of all 3 stages ( production, distrbution, and exhibition).

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