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Friday, 5 July 2013

Expectations of a slasher opening

prior to research my expectations of a film opening are the film opening to start with an establishing shot then to lead to a panning shot to set the scene or a shot to introduce the main characters and perhaps who will get killed first.I expect to see Each slasher films to start with a establishing shot to set the scene and introduce the setting and mis en scene. This then should lead to the plot.The area should always be a suburban area where the house is detached or quite decollate.This creates the house to be issolated and more approachable for the killer the audience also feel this.This Creates the first equilibrium.

Usually the final girl , female hero exists and is introduced from the beginning she is highlighted as been the often sensible one , less popular, and less attractive than her other friends that are killed.she is innocent,virginal and always brunette. She will survive to the end where she has confrontation with the killer in sequals this is then left open for the next film.


Usually the main victims are part of a group of friends in the film.The group is often both girl and boy teenagers at high school or uni.The final girl is also part of this group of friends this is why she stands out.The first girl is often blonde attractive and is known as the scream queen she often killed during sexual acts with a boy , or boyfriend involved.

The villain in the slasher film is usually physically deformed and mentally wrong. The killer is nearly always a male.His hidden identity is hidden usually by a mask or by the camera to create enigma.The character is often recognised easily by motifs such as the weapon he holds such as a knife , axe, chainsaw.

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