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Thursday, 4 July 2013


Scream ( 1996) ( sample stalking scene)

Directed by  
Budget : $15m
Production : Dimension Films

This is the opening title for scream It is a son serif font. It is very dramatic the colours signify blood and death due to the red on black. This is a very striking open as it is so simply done from the start this is first impressions you can tell this will be a slasher film.

The telephones rings this is a close up and signifies the telephone is going to be a main motif in this scene .

 We first see the scream queen we can tell this by her been blonde , busky and having a boyfriend which she says on the phone this is a close up shot to show her emotions which later on will contrast with the same shot but a different emotion.

This next shot shows the scream queen being very  isolated however it is also like a point of view shot as it suggests the killer is spying . ( stalking ). This is also an establishing shot which shows the setting and sets the scene. 
 The scream queen , puts pop corn on this also builds tension as the crackle goes on through out , and is played when the killer is coming. This gets faster and louder.
When the killer has approached and is stalking the girl we see this shot as she looks out the window of her boyfriend apparently saving her in this case he gets killed , the killer twists this on her so its her fault. This is a very dramatic shot it is medium close up , he fits the stereo type of the scream queen boyfriend we can see this from his rugby jacket and his manner.

This is a false scare it is a common slasher convention and often used in lots of films. To scare the audience and make them jump before the final killing. 

 This how the killer is hidden via the mask and camera work this is the only shot we see a close up of his face. This shot is when he jumps at the window when the girl is running away this the main stalking part.The audience also feel like they need to be running away from this hidden killer.

 Long shot of the killer and the girl here we can see the mis en scene and see this shot fits with the stereo types and the theory of the scream queen and masked killer.

This pop corn is getting put out by her mother as the daughter is getting killed this is very cleverly done as it cross cuts fast paste between them both. 

This is a close up as we see her dying however she is still holding the phone which is motif throughout her parents then can hear her die . This is a very common convention in a slasher to have the scream queen dead infront of everyone the death is very dramatic and makes it more as the pop corn goes off as it has built up to this and then put out like the death is over.

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