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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Red christmas ident

this is our group ident for red christmas based on research from other slasher films such as dimensions films which have been distributors and producers of several slasher we have researched. I have previously looked at idents that have influenced this. I have decided to keep my ident the same due to it being very effective for the theme of red christmas.

Example ident
This ident has been used for the distributors dimension films as they are widely known for slasher genre.

I also however looked at other examples of idents such as:
Film 4

 I looked at film 4 as it is a more indie film distributor and there ident also gave me ideas to keep the ident the same as previous because as it is very simplistic and effective.


I looked at mtv because i have seen this ident a lot from watching tv and various others . I always remember what it is for so i decided to focus on this on what people will actually remember as this will be most important. In this ident i like how it is against a black background this makes it stand out. So again i decided that actually this may not be effective to change this as it does work well.

Warp productions

I have looked at warp productions because they are and indie company , which i am . I have looked at there ident to see what and how mine can be similar to re create the same affect to be a indie company.

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