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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Baby sitter wanted Opening titles

the first 2 idents shown are the distributors of the company. the first one independent film company i have seen in several slasher indie films.

the second i have not seen in many films i think this is perhaps more indie. as these begin the music also begins and we here both digetic and non digetic sounds. This then fades to black and we are introduced to just digetic sounds of girl wimpering. we then here the backing track getting louder of a piano.

we are given the first titles of the distributor we also still hearing the backing and the girl wimpering this then fades to another black sceen the text is bold and in white it is sharp and a serif font making it very appropriate

the text and same text colour is used and still keeping the same theme with black and white. This is also building the narrative enigma. This is then introducing the other characters of production there are 3 of these and these are positioned in the same place.

The final title is the working title of the film. This is brought in with the sound and faded up with the blood appearing. this fades up to the first scene of close up of girls leg. This writing is slightly bigger however bold and has a glowing effect.

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