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Wednesday, 5 March 2014




The titles used in this opening are in a serif font which actually contradicts a conventional font for a horror film. The text is an orange/yellow colour almost exactly the same as the colour of the pumpkin
     The long title sequence at the start before any characters appear on screen is typical to this particular era of film. Today a faster pace of editing is required to maintain the interest of a young audience and a entire 2 minutes of titles would not do this. The now iconic soundtrack which is played over the title sequence as there is a slow zoom on the pumpkin creates a feeling of foreboding and creates tension
     The first shot is a POV shot looking at a large suburban house, this fits in with the slasher conventions and meets the expectations of the audience straight away. Diagetic sound of crickets and owls can be heard as the music stops, this has connotations of an isolated location and denotes that it is late at night.
     The continuation of the POV shot creates narrative enigma as to who's eyes we are seeing through some expositions comes when Judith Myers says "Micheal's around some place" as the POV shot looks in on them kissing. A sudden high pitched sound when the light turns of shows its significance to the character viewing it, the sound also continues throughout the scene raising the intensity, more non diagetic sound is added as killer enters the house and picks up the kitchen knife. 
     It is all in one take using the Steadicam up until the point where Micheal puts on he mask. The shot is still the POV shot but clothes on the floor and angle of light change clumsily showing it is a new shot. When Myers is in the bedroom a quick glance at the unmade bed is yet another of many signifiers of sex.

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