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Sunday, 2 March 2014


We were asked to do a short film based on what we have learnt.The main things being Match on action, 180 degree rule and Shot reverse shot. The task was to make a film of someone walking through a door and walking across an area to have a short conversation with someone using all the techniques above.We did this by using the door into our classroom were Curtis walked through the door to have a conversation with me and Ben doing the filming by using our plan of the shot types and techniques we had previously made. By doing this this helped us understand Match on action, 180 Degree rule and short reverse shot and why they are used.
             I have learnt that Match on action is an editing technique that cuts one shot to another shot still portraying the action of the first shot.I have now understood that this needs to be done to create a sense on continuity.I have also learnt that the 180 degree rule is the camera angle and that it is important to keep to this rule as it helps the audience have a greater sense of location this is also used in conversation and shot reverse shot. I have also learnt hat shot reverse shot is used to show characters having conversations as it is used to show what character is looking at. We did this by using shots like over the shoulder shot and mid shots.Next time we intend to make our editing more accurate , create a more mysterious feel and possibly different actors/ actresses!

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