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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Eval 2 - social groups

How does your media product represent particular social groups ?


my media product target audience is 15-24 year olds. My product represents this by the characters in it being young, attractive and fashionable. The main girl is tall , mid-upper class, pretty and wears revealing clothing however is a brunette scream queen this also makes my video more representable. people from this age range and social group and relate there personal image to this and inspire to be like her. The mis en scene also works with this for this social group of girls 15-24 to relate there own lives to this. The mise en scene and location setting is very simple and very realistic it is like something you would see in every day life. This helps also build the tension as it realistic and is like it could almost happen to anybody.
The characters are also stereo typical a killer with drawn from the camera, a revealing scream queen and a stalking scene at the beginning these are all slasher conventions that are used to create narrative enigma this could bring in another social group of older peers who would perhaps look for these things within a slasher film. They would perhaps do this instead of looking at the scream queen and her relationship.


The final social group i think my media product represents is males. We have used Laura Mulveys theory of male gaze to attract this audience. The scream queen is dressed in revealing clothing , and camera movements and shots objectify body parts making it appealing to this audience. The fact there is also a mystery and torture scene makes it more appealing to this audience as well which perhaps would not usually watch this sort of thing.

Target Audience

We chose to use the common conventions and have a stereotype with our scream queen by having her being an attractive figure and sexually active however she is brunette having a twist on the common blonde convention, and we were also influenced by the scream queen, Casey, in Scream (1996, Wes Craven ) as she is blonde and sexually active and were vulnerable to the killer. Also they're of the teen age which relates to our target audience as the social group we're trying to address is the teenage social groups.


In our production, all the characters are heterosexual. By doing this we are reinforcing what the audience consider to be a normative representation.Although we cant tell this from the opening due to the girl being so available and sexually thrilling for men the idea taken from the babysitter wanted suggests she is heterosexual due to this the audience would find this out later on in the film.

Physical Ability

In my production all of our characters in our opening are physically able. Again by doing this we are reinforcing the normative representation. If we had used disabled characters the situation may have been slightly less realistic and difficult to accurately and believably portray.


the killers in slasher genre films commonly have a masked identity and have a psychological problem which leads to their motives of killing. So with my killer i have with drawn his face and framed shots so this is hidden this then can build narrative enigma for the audience.i looked at babysitter wanted for this as this was one of the main influences to my product.

scream queen is 16 and this is anchored by the clothes that she is wearing, for example the scream queen wearing little clothing and it being tight in the stalking scenes also low and revealing. Also the sexual activity that is pursued by the killer looking very pornographic. But also i chose to use actors of this age so that our target audience can relate to the characters more, rather than having the actors of an older age where our target audience won't be able to relate. 

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