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Monday, 10 March 2014

the shoots

1st Shoot
our first shoot went really well we shot at my work in the chapel at the back where we set up the equipment  and made sure the mise en scene fit well and how this would work against character and costume. The shoot went well as i had written out all the shots i needed to film and at what angles i had also written down how many of each shot i needed to film so i was well prepared.

2nd shoot
the second shoot was in the field at the bottom of addingham. This went well apart from the rain being heavy this set us back as it was very slippy and we had to finish earlier than expected due to this reason and the equipment getting very wet. The shoot however went well as characters knew exactly What they were doing . I had also written shot lists out to keep to schedule so i knew how much i needed to do. The ground was also very muddy so we had to be careful in shots i also needed to make sure i didnt get any of this in the shot as this could of spoilt mise en scene incase i needed to reshoot.

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