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Friday, 14 March 2014

shot notes

Black screen fade up of girl running panting etc

Long shot of torch in back ground and girl running towards camera

Panning shot as she runs past camera

Medium close up of her running towards camera with torch in the back ground

Medium close up when she falls to ground

Close up of feet running past camera

Close up her feet tripping over

Close up of face running past the camera

Guy coming after her long shot

Medium close up as she cant get up

Panning shot as she crawls across the ground and behind the tree

Close up burying her self in the leaves
Long shot of guy with torch coming closer

Point of view shot as he looks around

Close up as killer walks past camera

Close up of girl looking round

Point of view shot of killer looking round

Close up of his feet walking closer to her

Close up of phone ringing girl

Girl panting hidden behind tree medium close up

Phone rings close up of face looking for phone

Girl looking for phone everywhere medium close up

Low angle girl looking up to camera

Medium close up of killers body pov from scream queen

Close up girl

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