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Friday, 14 March 2014

shot notes

Close up of skin around shoulder and collarbone
Close up going down legs

Med close up of killer waking through door and shutting behind him close up as he walks to the camera

Close up of cuts on body of the neck and up to the chin

Close up of lighting the candles

Close up of bandannder in mouth and girl wimpering ( not showing eyes)

Over shoulder of guy getting out his tools

Pan shot from mouth wimpering to eye crying and sweating

Close up of rope

And hands tied together close up

Feet died together close up

Close up of him picking up his hammer

Panning of girl trying to riggle out of the ropes
 mid shot of stomach riggling out

grabs her by the neck with black glove

2 angles of girl looking up

hammer placed on face close up

hammer smacks down from his point of view TRY DIFFERENT ANGLES

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