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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Eval 3- distribution of real media text

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why ?

The distribution of a film (or movie) is the process through which a movie is made available to watch for an audience by a film distributor. This task may be accomplished in a variety of ways; for example, with a theatrical release, a home entertainment release (in which the movie is made available on DVD-video or Blu-ray Disc) .Film industry covers three areas. PRODUCTION (most film projects never make it out of 'development hell') DISTRIBUTION (most UK films fail to attract a distributor willing to take the risk) EXHIBITION (the vast majority of UK films fail to get a box office release; Hollywood dominates)

Distribution is changing as now there is such thing as digitilisation which is now used Digitization is the process of changing content production, storage, distribution, and consumption from an analog to a digital base. Its most important characteristic is that it changes these bases from physical form to binary electronic form.This has such an impact as it largely reduces costs dramatically as everything is done digitally. This has an impact on distribution as now there is no need for any.Although these changes had some effects on media businesses in the first two to three decades of digitization, the business models of media remained relatively stable because newspapers, magazines, and books continued to be printed on paper, recording of audio and video for retail distribution remained as a physical good, and all these types of products continued to be distributed and sold in traditional ways. There for there are a lot more opportunity  for self distribution due to low costs of digitalisation being so cheap.

The basic context of my film is the idea of a stalking scene being cross cut with the girl being tortured this will be flash backs throughout.My genre for my film is a slasher genre and will be a micro budget film as we have no stars  however we do have similarities to franchises and other slashers films such as Scream , Halloween Black x mas and babysitter wantedour film is similar as it has same basic content such as the idea of the classic killer and the typical scream queen and final girl. Our film is obviously not going to be a high budget film but a micro budget as we will not have distributers and little cash.

 All these are 2012 films i used search ' top 2012 films into google to search for these and used the website top films of 2012 and imdb to find film information.

The marketing tools needed for distribution in slasher films are posters , trailers , teaser trailers, advertisements on TV magazines etc websites and social networking. an example of this would be scream. I would budget our film at £30 to make as we already have everything we need we just need to pay for small distribution which we will do via internet and social networking sites our budget also will include cast and costumes.
Low budget film companies (indie) however do make some money such as warp films.Little manage cinema release and little manage us distribution due to low population in Britain and the target audience been mainly brits. such as this is England  was not appealing to americans as it was not the typical english stereotype.Most films However do make it to the cinema but however sometimes do fail. There are international distributors and different
distributors for different countries due to funding. Examples of this are Dark Knight , have several distributors for other countries such as Village films for Greece and road show film distributors for Australia however there are also international companies which distribute the rest which in this case are warner brothers part of the big 6. Another example of this is this is England. Uk distribution was Optimum Releasing where as for america distributors where ICF first Talk.   This is england by shane meadows is a good example of low budget distribution as he has produced alot of other films that have been a hit distributed by Warp films that have also been distributed internationally and just in the UK such as Donkey Punch and 4 lions both big hits for a low budget distribution.Warp Films also being a low budget distribution like my film have had good success from being such a low budget company and distributing films worldwide and within countries due to target audience and these being social realist genre is very specific.
Since our film is such a low budget film we are obviously not going to be able to afford a mega budget film such as Avatar  which had a budget of $237 m and is thought to be the most expensive film ever made. Our film will not meet this as we are micro budget company and our audience is britain where as us have far more wider population and is produced in hollywood where the big 6 distributors are that internationally and world wide distribute films.These films are also more likely to feature big stars to make films more appealing for audience as if there is a well known star they may have seen previous films which makes this more important to watch.These companies can also afford to risk failures as it would take a lot for such well known distributor to come to this where as if an indie production risked a film they could be bankrupted.
If our film fails we will use alternative distributors such as youtube and social networking sites. Films have been distributors like this and have had success such as Fred and Another earth. Which have been made and distributed by youtube and networking sites. However also on these sites there are also people who put on videos with takes on these films and there own films which also get distributed nationally and recognised.

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