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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Scream 3

Scream 3

SCREAM 3(Wes Craven, 2000)
PRODUCED BY: Dimension FilmsKonrad Pictures,
Craven-Maddalena FilmsDISTRIBUTED BY: Dimension Films (USA),
Buena Vista International (UK), Full listBUDGET: $40,000,000
BOX OFFICE: $161,830,000 (worldwide)
RATINGS: IMDb- 5.4, Rotten Tomatoes- 36%

The shot of 'Cotton' in the car is a medium close up of him on the phone to a thought of agent. The dialogue depicts the characters apparent popularity and fame with him stating he is 'the countries  number one nationally syndicated talk show host.' Once Cotton becomes aware his girlfriend is in grave danger and that the mystery caller is indeed the villain, the cinematography speeds up. First of all there is a close up of Cotton realising imminent danger, this particular shot displays more emotion than a camera angle which is further away. There are then point of view shots from the killer commencing upon Cotton's girlfriend in the shower, at this point the audience feels a lack on control and an inevitable murder seems to be unstoppable. More P.O.V shots are used when Cotton rams his way out of the traffic cue perhaps showing the panic the character must be feeling at the time. Another one is used once the girlfriend comes out the shower and finds the door opened , the camera shakily pans up and down from the lady's point of view symbolizing alarm. Perhaps the most interesting camera technique is used when Cotton's girlfriend is getting dressed and what seems a point of view shot of the killer advancing towards an isolated victim is just a technique used to make the audience falsely tense as once the loud rock music starts the girlfriend sharply turns round ignoring what the audience thinks is the 'slasher'. A low angle dolly shot is used to follow the girlfriend who is attempting to trace where the music is coming from. Considering the shot is only of her feet, the viewer now is completely unaware of surroundings above ankle height making for uncomfortable viewing only adding to the progressional tension.
Even as the producer 'Dimension' is displayed there is disjointed loud freaky music unnerving the audience. Soon after shuddering ominous music plays as a perspective camera shot leers over the Hollywood sign. Once in the car, sirens are heard rushing past at great speed indicating a serious road accident, the audience is already exposed to danger and caution within a minute of the film. The next interesting sound is heard when Cotton realises his girlfriend is in danger, beeping horns are heard harassing Cotton, adding to the panic and shock of the situation, this mixed in with high pitched attention grabbing violin peice makes for a frightening vewing.
Mise-En Scene
Seconds into the opening scene the audience hears a radio broadcast of a 'multiple vehicle, multiple injury accident, an absolute mess' accident on the freeway, explaining why Cotton is in a traffic jam, but it also creates an aura of danger for the viewer to experience. To enhance terror within the opening scene, the girlfriend (who is blonde promiscuous, matching the attributes needed for a 'scream queen') is alone and isolated in what seems a rather large house. As cotton is attempting to get home to his girlfriend, an image of a dinosaur on top of a restaurant appears, this is quite an unnerving picture which potentially adds to the confusion and fright the audience and characters must be feeling at this point. The lights within the house are dimmed creating a scary ambiance.  

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