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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Eval 4- audience

who would be the audience for your media product and why?

Primary Audience

Our BBFC rating was 15 rating due to the violence. However it is not an 18 due to the storyline there is no use of sexual references or gory. Our film is intended to build on tension with some violence but not much.The idea is to create narrative enigma for the audience to follow the killing though the killers eyes.This in itself bring down the rating due to there been no violence and innapropriate scenes fro younger years than 15. 

Our primary target audience: The primary target audience is teens due to this been the typical slasher film audience. The films that have influenced our film we have also taken into account there rating such as halloween , scream , and Babysitter wanted.These films vary from 15 to 18, cherry falls been the 18 after watching this film we also decided our film would not be as violent and gory with sexual references this was also a big help in the rating we gave our film . By having the film rating at 15 this also brings in a wider audience its self , as we are also 17 and stars in the film are 17 this helped aim the audience from 15 and above.

Our 2nd primary audience

Our 2nd audience is adults above 25. It will be hard to target this audience as we have narrowed down our references to fit the teen age group and to refer there lives. However we are targeting this audience as the film is also creates suspense and tension which can be common with an older age group to watch it for this appeal.
 we chose this to be our target audience due to the slashers box office appeal.Slashers box office appeal are low due to these been mid budget films.They are also all the same genre and don't appeal to all audiences as perhaps a romcom would with big stars. 

The stars in slashers do not seem to well known they however if this is a franchise often the start of there career such as the shower scene in psycho such as janet leigh this really made her career as it such a famous scene. Typical slasher audience  The typical slasher audience is teens ranging from 16-24.This is a typical slasher audience because this genre is most common amongst teens due to the stars been teens and the storyline been about teen life. Teens then can refer to this in there own life's making the element if the slasher genre more scary. Aiming at this group also makes it popular by narrowing down the audience to make all references to the teen age group. 

Uses and gratifications theory 

Mcquils theory argues that the active audience control the textual meanings they select texts fir certain physiological needs. My video agrees with this as slasher is a very specific genre which not everyone likes. It also has a very specific target audience which means it agrees with the viewer having psychological needs to want to watch scary / gory films.

Stuart Halls Theory

Stuart halls theory also agrees with my text , his theory is about different readings preferred reading were the viewer accepts the texts ,negotiated reading where the viewer partly accepts the text and finally oppositional reading the viewer rejects the reading . This agrees with my text due to intertextual references that some people wont understand if they haven't seen a selection of slasher films , and age , if they are too young or too old they may not understand the story and see past the tension created.

Interviewing my Target audience video : 

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