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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Eval 7 - reflection

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

These are the links to my previous texts within the video that i am explaining and talking about :



Looking back at the prelim task i feel i have learnt a lot in the progression between that and my final product. When we started our prelim i didnt really think about what the purpose of the shots were i just tried to stick to the different rules. This was our first film shoot and getting to grips with the cameras. From then till now i have learnt such a lot. i have learnt about the different techniques that have helped me progress such a great deal.

Camera and technologies

Since my prelim i have gained a better understanding of shot variety and diversity. I have also built up my knowledge of different angles and there meanings.This is a lot different from the prelim as i did not know any of this . I have also since then learnt how important it is to have a steady camera. A shaky camera can make it look un professional and down graded I have also learnt how the quality matters.Since my prelim i have also learnt about editing. I have learnt about fast pace editing and how important this is within this genre, This means that the shots move fast and create tension and drama. Now i have learnt this my understanding has become a lot better and much more sufficient a. I think the main reason for this is exploring the different technologies and my research. I am very impressed in how much i have improved since from the prelim now when i look at my final cut.I am a lot more confident now i have more knowledge of the software and what it takes to make a good slasher film.

What i have learnt 

Since my prelim task i have not only improved my skills on computers but i also feel my knowledge of media has broadened. I have learnt about the term semiotics which at the start before the prelim didn't know existed. I have used this to try apply throughout my blog to deepen my understanding and context it can be used in this will also help my in my exam.I have also learnt about time management and how important it is to manage your time and keep organised , other wise it can lead to getting behind as i have once or twice. I then found it very hard to keep up.I have also learnt how important it is to work well as a team. This means setting tasks and everyone completing them , and sharing the work equally however our group found this hard, which sometimes was a negative on our production.

Research and time management 

Also since my prelim task i have learnt that it is not about quantity but quality of your work. And how important it is to get things right the first time as we as a group had several re shoots due to this reason.Looking back at my prelim it is clear we did not understand this as we rushed it and put it together within 1 lesson to get an idea of what it is like.I have learnt that focusing on the details can make such a huge effect and statement to your final product.Such as shot variety and putting the shots together in an effective way . Also to remember that this has to apply to everything in this course.


I have also learnt how important feed back is as we had little of this so it was hard to improve up on. I have also learnt since the prelim task how important it is to take criticism and improve up on them as this is very key detail to success in media film as a 2nd opinion on perhaps a target audience can change the final product a huge deal as we found out which lead to may final adjustments.
Prelim Task:


Red Christmas year 1

Final Retake

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