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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Soundtrack The babysitter

The babysitter

In the babysitter there is little non digetic sound. It is often just the girl wimpering in the beginning. there however are low notes almost sounding like thunder rumbling and strings played as the tension builds.there are long low notes played with some sound from the symbols.
As the film begins there is some music played slowly against a low beat of the symbols and a xylophone making it very creepy and suggesting something is wrong. you can also here strings and perhaps a violin this is over the several shots creating an audio bridge also linking it together.

these get louder and faster as we are introduced to the character half way through the opening. before the girl is killed all the music is brought together and sounds very jumbled but very also rattles the sound and is very edgy. These are finally very quick before she is killed then cuts to the digetic sound.

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