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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Feedback Rough Cut 5


i got some good feedback from this. Asked peers class mates and friends to look at what they thought about the new rough cut. These are a few points that i collected as good and bad feedback.

  • They said that the black and white was very effective with the contrast of the colour in the torture scene.
  • they also said the layering worked really well over the top and made shots more interesting 
  • titles at the beginning worked really well and colours against black and white worked well.
  • not sure about coloured shadow on coloured parts maybe move these into more appropriate places.
  • the candle lit effect was very effective.
  • i think the character of the girl is very well done very good acting.
  • i think at the end you need to have a finishing title of the working title to make it bold and and stand out create a big impact.
  • maybe cut up the shots of the girl running as some of these go on too long 
  • i really like how you have built up the narrative enigma
  • you could also possibly move titles so they are longer and more spread out this would be slightly more effective i think they are too fast at the moment 
  • i do like the opening shot though i think that works well when the text flashes on with light.

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