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Monday, 24 March 2014

Eval 6 - technologies

What have u learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product ?

throughout my project i have used a lot of different technologies such as blogger , final cut express , imovie , and much more .


First i used Blogger this has been a big part of technolgy i have used as i have used it for many blog posts and researching topics. I have also used to blog and extract information.Blogger is where i have put together my coursework, by following lesson schedules and typing up main things i have learnt. When constructing my product i have found blogger to also be a way of distribution of products and my film as well to get feed back.Without this i would have to pay to distribute my products and my course work would have to be by hand . Without this technology media studies would be a lot harder.It has also been alot easier to build this up as it is quick and easy to use . Personally i have also used it off my smart phone this has also been very useful in itself.

Web 2.0

web 2.0 is a theory that agrees with my product and the planning and distribution of it . It is about the network platform spanning and connecting devices.Tim o reilly is associated with the term web 2.0 , it states that this theory allows users to interact and collaborate with each other - dialogue and user generated content and the virtual community  Examples of this are social networking which has allowed my distribution of my product and helped it get bigger such as youtube and blogger , all free services hosted by the web. Another term that comes into this is digitisation which links with this as they support each other as the world is becoming more and more digital.

Final Cut

I have used Final cut express and final cut pro both for making the movie and vodcasts them selves.I have used final cut pro the most as it has been very easy and useful for editing at home and in school.I have used final cut to make vodcast first for my blog.This was very simple as all i had to do was insert footage or pictures and talk over them. I then edited my video on this technology this was fun and once i got to grips with it i found it very easy to work.

Garage Band

I have also used garage band , i have used garage band to create my sound track for the film.This was easy and simplistic. The features were laid out on how to work it.However i did find it challenging putting it together with my film.Without garage band i would of been very hard to make such thing as a sound track to the film that fits perfectly and was our choice.I have learnt from constructing this product the different types of music that fit with different genres. I have also learnt how to work it for feature use this has been very helpful.


I have also used hd cameras to film my product as a form of digitisation. These have been very easy to work. I taught myself how to use them after playing around with them on the different shoots. It was very simplistic.Without this technology our media course work would have been alot harder to produce and alot more expensive.It was also very easy uploading the footage as you used an sd card to hold the footage this was very good and really helpful . from using this technology i have learnt how to create different shots, angles and more importantly how to create different footage to achieve purpose.


Throughout our research and planning we used YouTube in a number of different ways. We used it to upload rough cuts, sample footage and vodcasts also to edit .which we can then embed straight to our blogs. YouTube is also very useful for research, especially music videos and their conventions as well as the past videos from our artist. As it is such a big website it is likely to have video content for whatever you are looking for, making it useful for a large proportion of people which people are now depending on. Again this in an interactive website, with an active comment section creating another opportunity for audience feedback.

Tags and labelling

I have added tags to my posts to attract more audiences.I was able to attract more hits to my blog by doing this, if i was too this again i would add more tags from the beginning as i have not done this from the beginning my product would of been a lot more successful.As i only had to time to do the last few, it would have been more useful and lot better to have them all to build this up to see the main tags on my blog.


Gmail i used to email my teacher and other members doing the course to look at there and see if there was anything i could help them with.I have also then been able to email my teacher and look at the things i can improve on and get feedback with the latest links sent and links to youtube.


LiveType is the software we used to create the majority of our idents. I found it quite hard to understand at first, but it became easier as I carried on using it. However, I couldn't achieve all the effects I wanted on my ident so i had to export it and reimport it into final cut pro to improve it slightly.

Exhibition and distribution 

HD camera 
To film and to take pictures for my project to show it is progressing i used a HD camera. We used the canon LEGRIA HF R36. We used an HD camera to get the best quality footage possible. A lot of HD cameras are reasonably priced, making them accessible to a wide range of people than previous technology would have allowed before digitisation. 

USBs and HD cards 
I USBs to transfer work from our home computers the ones which we edit on at school. We used a 32Gb one to ensure we had the maximum amount of storage necessary. We used am SD card to Save the footage from the camera instead of using the inbuilt memory. We did this to make the process of moving the footage to the editing software much simpler and quicker. 

Final Cut Pro x
The editing software Final Cut Pro x has a huge range of effects and editing tools to make our video look as professional and effective as possible. We used a range of these effects, especially basic tools such as blade yet also more complicate techniques such as layering. From lighting to cropping Final Cut Pro is very good software and that's why a lot of big film makers are starting to use is also very professional and used widely in the industry by film makers. We have been using final cut for 2 years now, and over this time our skills have really developed and we are now pretty knowledgable on the main tools. However, as final cut pro is such vast software we often came across techniques we wanted to achieve but didn't know how. To over come this we googled and searched on YouTube as a lot of final cut experts post videos and help blogs about how to work simple and much more difficult effects.

Screen Capture
Screen capture is a downloadable device making it extremely easy to screenshot your computer screen, or a particular region open on it. This was vital in the evaluation stage of our coursework as we needed to extensively back up the points we are making on our video and research. As we developed our research we took screenshots along the way so when it came to the evaluation we could use these screenshots to save a lot of time.

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