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Saturday, 15 March 2014

week scheduals


this week i have decided to change my idea to something new this meant changing a lot of the blog and effectively starting the project again. I  have changed the idea because this was more practical with having a big cast and the idea no longer being realistic. The first thing i am going to look at is similar films to this idea . This week i have planned to blog on a variety of different film openings and too look more closely for clear intertextual links.

i have planned this week to film the first part of the video the torture scene. I am going to write out call sheets and shot lists of what i need to film. I also need to put this together to see how its going to follow with my second idea of narrative. i will also edit some of this footage and start on some more blogging into similar products.

Week 3
i am going to film the second part of the video the stalking scene. I am going to plan for this by doing shot lists and making sure all my cast before know exactly what they are doing.After doing this i will blog and start to upload footage

i am going to start to edit footage together and build several rough cuts so i can upload these and start to get feedback

Week 5
finishing final cut and getting feedback. I will finish the video and get feedback on each rough cut and blog on this.

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