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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Costumes and Make up

Rosie did her own makeup with her kit she uses for college. she used fake blood and her different coloured powder to create bruises and bruised eyes. She also used blood clots to make the blood on scars look more realistic.

In the video this was very effective and the blood and makeup was very effective as it stood out and was very eye catching. It was also very realistic and creates a lot of intertextuality with the babysitter wanted.

for the killer i want him to wear all black to build the narrative enigma and to create a mysterious character. I also wanted to not show his face for these reasons. I also wanted him to wear leather gloves so this would also build the narrative enigma. I also want him in walking boots to signify he is a normal character and could be anyone and perhaps match the idea of he tool box to be a handy man sort of character in his shed or cellar.

Costumes for the scream queen for the stalking scene will be tight clothes such as leggings and a strappy top with tight hoody. I also will her having a lot of makeup on for this stage and have fashionable clothes on so teens in target audience can relate to this. Costumes for the torture scene will be revealing having her in knickers and a stroppy clothes so you can see her being sexually available this also has let me objectify body parts and relates strongly to my films i have chosen it to have links with.

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