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Monday, 24 March 2014

Eval 5 -attracting your audience

How did you attract/ address your audience?


We attracted our audience by sticking with the stereotypes for the genre such as the final girl , scream queen and killer and focusing on the common slasher conventions. We tried to stick to Laura mulveys theory of the scream queen too making references through out our film.Also we attracted the audience through the female character like most films do , using attractive stars. This attracts male audience as well as female due the characters been female. This attracts male audiences because of the male gaze.


We addressed our audience through the characters we used by making references to teen life as the characters used were teens.We were also able to address the audience with the help of digitization by using the social networking sites facebook and twitter, by using these we're enabling ourselves and our production to be accessible by thousands over the internet, mostly family and friends, but they are also open to give us feedback on how to improve the media product and get a good insight in what the audience are looking for and want.

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