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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Desired Cast and characteristics

For my Cast i will need 2 people. I will need someone to be the Scream queen. For this to be effective i will need them to be attractive , blonde and busty. I will use this stereo type from many of slashers such as scream , psycho and halloween. It is important that the scream queen fits this stereotype as i want my video to be a classic slasher film.

having this also brings in males and is commonly known throughout this genre.

For the killer would like a male to play the part however as you wont see the there face i dont think it matter who they are. I will need them to wear black clothing however and to be tall. As you will see some body parts and them walking it is important they are male as my film has intertextual references with Babysitter wanted this also need to relate to this.

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