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Monday, 3 March 2014

working with cameras

We found working with the cam corders.We found working with the cam corders easy. They were very easy to use and are very good quality. We picked it up easy how to use them as the layout was very clear and simplistic. As we filmed some in the dark we also managed to work the lighting on the camera to get some good shooting . We also worked out how to take photos on it. This was very useful for our blogs when we were filming. Each one of us the group had a go at filming this was good as we all had a chance at filming to see who wanted to film . In the end me and hannah took it in turns to do a selection as well as using a tripod with another camera on to get a wider range of footage. The filming on these cameras also helped us manage our times as it didnt long and was very easy to reshoot if we needed to . we did do this many times and it was very easy. If i was to make a movie again i would defiantly use one of these cameras again as it was very simple and easy to work .The quality was also very good.

Similar version of the cam corder we used to film

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