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Friday, 7 March 2014

Cry Wolf Opening Titles

opening ident 

this was the opening ident cry wolf. It started with the titles coming up and flickering. This straight away fir with the idea of the slasher genre as it was scary. The music then begins here for the opening sequence and fades up from black and down to colour.

These titles then are shown after the first opening sequence as the story begins and we get into the actual film.
This is effective as the choice of text fits with the landscape and opening panning shot of woodland which we have just seen in the opening 2 mins of the film.

this anchors the film so we straight away see that this is the woods. the titles start with distribution companies the move onto main distribution company.
This titles are the same however they gradual get bigger then fad out. It also says production instead of presents.
The final titles that comes up is the title of the film. This is also in the panning shot however as this starts to come up this starts the shot starts to be brought into an establishing shot of the setting. The music is also lighter and not as heavy from the intro. the same theme of text is carried out and this works well with the colours and background of the forest.

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