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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Scream 4

Scream 4


(Wes Craven, 2011)
PRODUCED BY: Dimension FilmsCorvus Corax Productions
DISTRIBUTED BY :Entertainment Film Distributors (UK), Dimension Films (USA) , Full list
BUDGET: $40,000,000
BOX OFFICE: $97,037,610 (worldwide)
RATINGS: IMDb- 6.2, Rotten tomatoes- 58%
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The opening scene of scream 4 starts with the accreditation of the producers 'dimension films', afterwards a medium centre shot of the telephone appears with no fade which straight away catches the audiences attention as they are thrown straight into this rather intense scene. the medium centre shot of the telephone insinuates the importance of the telephone within this scene along with the loud ringing noise the phone is making. Already the viewer has started to feel a certain amount of tension with the sharp camera work. The camera then pans across into another room introducing the new character (Trudy) within the dialogue, there are high angle shots of Trudy and low angle shots of the other girl. This perhaps suggests that Trudy has more knowledge of the apparent wrong number than she thinks she does, where as the other girl truly believes the call was a wrong number. Once it has been revealed that Trudy is being 'stalked' there is a close-up shot of the mobile phone depicting a fake picture of the stalker. The close nature of this particular shot adds tension as more information is revealed to the audience.
The next phone call is where the cinematography speeds up dramatically, each time either girl speaks the camera flashes a medium shot of that specific girl symbolising the growing tension and confusion surrounding the mystery phone calls, the camera work also speeds up to perhaps suggest a growing link that the audience may be making with Trudy's stalker and the phone calls. This also encapsulates the progression of slasher films as new slashers tend to jam-pack different varied shots in an aim for the audience to experience more, whereas an older slasher film would have longer takes. The next significant piece of camera work is the long perspective shot of the girl leaving the house from the other side of the road reinforcing the confusion
that surrounds the mystery knock at the door. Next comes an over the shoulder shot of Trudy's friend outside looking back into the house conveying a sense of vulnerability and danger.
After it has been revealed to the audience that the opening scene was a film within a film. Two more characters are introduced. An interesting piece of cinematography follows where  a long shot of a girl reaching for a mystery object outside of the audiences view, which would inevitably fill the audience with angst and tension, all the attributes needed for a slasher film.

Right from the off thunder like bass music rattles the audiences ears to promote tension and angst even before the audience are settled. The music is also has tints of sharp viola like music to encompass panic and fear. An example of effective ominous 'pre murder scene music' could be the famous shower scene of 'psycho' where just as the lady in the shower is being stabbed with a knife, ear rattling high pitches of violin is heard. Also, one of the first thing the audience hears is the loud ringing of the house telephone which cements the importance and mystery surrounding the phone, linked in with the camera shot of the phone, the opening shot proves very effective. The loudness of the telephone persists throughout the opening scene as it partially shocks the viewer and instills yet more tension. The third telephone call is combined with ominous bass suggesting a progression of worry within the character as they begin to realise their lives may be in danger. For approximately one to two minutes bass with high noted piano chords is played underneath the dialogue as the girls discuss whether to open the door, this is where tension is suppose to be at its highest, although i feel as if the music loses its effect due to the length of deliberation between the two girls, the music then becomes slightly intrusive. However once Trudy's friend opens the door the music ends with a terror filled crescendo followed by silence. This is the peak of the audiences terror and the loudness contrasting with the abrupt silence depicts this.
Characterisation/Representation and Mise-en Scene
The characters within this slasher are rather stereo typical to more recent slashers, the sexually active young teenager is used as the victim within the opening scene to perhaps create more fear amongst  the audience, as the target audience is similar to the victims. The first shot depicts a red flashing light on a ringing telephone which audits danger and caution relating to the murder later on in the scene. The girl then strangely takes a knife and strokes the blade perhaps in an act of boredom however this does represent the weapon used which ultimately ends her life. Also a girl playing with such a dangerous utensil as a knife unnerves the audience adding to the progressive tension. The setting of the scene is in a home this perhaps gives the viewer a false senses of security that a murder cannot take place within their own comfort of a home. However it is also set at night, which foresees danger and the unknown. Once the girl opens the door the camera centres the door as the focal point of danger, at that moment in time the door is the only object keeping the danger away from the victims, and once it is opened the murders take place.

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