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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Final Cast

As i wanted to use gore and blood effects i asked my friend Rosie to help do hair and makeup for the shoot as she is currently studying theatrical makeup at college.however she proved to be very good actress as well as make up artist. Fortunately this was good for me. We held a small shoot to see how the make up was created and how good at acting she was. I had previously been to her star in our village plays. I have also seen her star in many other plays and short films so i knew she would be very suitable for the task. As She was not blonde however i do not think this will matter as the scream queen in babysitter wanted is brunette. As she is not blonde i will need to emphasis the other factors such as objectifying body parts and making he 'sexually available'.

The killer i had previously been in my previous attempts as i didnt need him to do a lot in this i asked my brother to be in afew scenes where i couldnt be the killer. I am going to be the killer for the cellar shots as i have done this before then i can get exactly what i want. For the longer takes i will ask joe to do this i will need him to wear black clothes and walking boots which i know he has.

These are my only characters in my opening so i was able to choose them well and choose my scream queen more successfully making sure she fit what i wanted perfectly.

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