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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Mise en scene


  • candles
  • t lights
  • rope
  • lighter 
  • tool box
  • tools
  • bandaner 

Set up

As furniture is stored in this room i had to move this and moved a table into the corner so i could get the old wall and cobwebs in shot. as there was no floor this was hard as we had to balance the table on severl things to get it even. For the tool box scene i also had to move the table and set dress this with the different props i needed. i also needed to set up so rosie was able to lay on the table without having her head off the table but able have her body and legs on.
i also needed to set up the candles in the appropriate places to set the room and put around the table and room to give it a candle lit light.

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